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Help & Info about Dropbox for windows

  • What is Dropbox?

    Dropbox is a website designed to allow the upload files and share them with other users. Every account comes with its own space; here, multiple folders can be created, ready to house uploaded files. The user will be able to pick and choose who has access to which folders. The website can be used for both personal storage, and as a means of file transference.
  • What are the advantages to using Dropbox, rather than physical storage?

    There are multiple benefits to storing files online using this service. The most obvious is that the files can be easily shared with other users; the service can also be used as a means of backing up files, or simply to save space on physical storage.
  • Does Dropbox require payment?

    The basic service is available for free. The amount of space it offers is limited, but will be enough for day-to-day use by most people. Individuals who require increased space and additional features can upgrade to Plus or Professional models through paid subscriptions. For teams, Dropbox Business is available in Standard, Advanced and Enterprise formats, each at a different price.
  • In what ways can files be shared on Dropbox?

    When sharing files with another user, it is possible to adjust how many rights they have. Some users will prefer the files remain view-only, while others want their fellow users to be able to edit the files, or to leave comments. Each of these options can be easily selected through the site's menus.
  • Wat devices and systems can access Dropbox?

    An app that allows quick access to the site's storage is available for Windows, Max, Linux, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. Once it is installed, the user will be able to quickly access their online folders through their desktop or mobile device.
  • Is there a limit to joining shared folders on Dropbox?

    Typically, every user who joins a shared folder will have that folder's size counted towards their allotted quota. For example, if a folder contains 50 megabytes of files, then every user with access to that folder will have 50 megabytes counted towards their quota, even if they did not personally upload the files. The exceptions to this folders shared between users of a single Business account.
  • Does Dropbox keep its users updated about alterations to folders?

    Yes, it is possible to adjust the service so that it sends email or desktop notifications whenever a folder or its contents are altered. This is a quick and simple way to make sure that a user is up-to-date with what the others members of he shared folder are doing.
  • Is it possible to edit files uploaded to Dropbox?

    Yes. The service is integrated with Microsoft Office, allowing users to edit Office file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so forth) while they are stored in the online folders. Please note that users of Business accounts will need a separate Microsoft account with relevant license.
  • Is Dropbox safe to use?

    The website regularly updates its security, and ensures that uploaded files are as safe as can reasonably be expected from prying eyes. In addition, the site stores archives of deleted files for 30 days, meaning that any files deleted by accident can be easily restored during that period.
  • Is Dropbox compatible with apps?

    Yes. in addition to its own app, the service is integrated with a wide number of other apps that will allow users to transport online files easily to other services. There are also apps designed to make it easier to edit uploaded files, or to keep data secure.


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