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"Greatest Backup Storage Across Different Platforms"

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If you have more than one device in which you wish to share your files and software with then Dropbox is perfect for you. Dropbox will allow you to download a movie on your PC and sync it with your mobile device or another computer. If your PC and other devices or operating systems have dropbox, then all your devices have all the files in your dropbox account.

Everyone gets 2 GB of free storage with the option to pay for more space. The only downside to me is the fact it can take a long time to sync especially larger files.

  • 2 GB Of Free Storage
  • Compatible With Windows, MAC, and Linux OS
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone Mobile Devices
  • Ability To Access Your Files On Any Compatible OS Or Device
  • Syncing Can Be Slow
  • 2 GB may not be enough space for some

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10 Jul 2010

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